What conditions can be corrected with Laser Eye Surgery?

 Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism Presbyopia (To get rid of reading glasses after the age of 40). 

How long is the operation? What kind of Anesthesia is used?

 The total prep and operation time is about 10-20 mins, the laser procedure itself takes only seconds.  

Local anesthetic eye drops are used before the operation to numb the eyes.

When can I go back to work? Are both eyes done at the same time?

 You can return to work next day after LASIK. Discomfort after LASIK will only last about 2-3 hours.   With other excimer laser methods recovery time will be 3-5 days.

We almost always operate on both eyes on the same day so you can return to your daily life straight away.

What kind of aftercare should I expect? Who conducts the aftercare?

 Dr. Kumral requires to see you the day after surgery. If you are staying longer and enjoying your vacation any after care you request and follow up visits are complimentary. At the end of surgery you will be handed care instructions, any medicine you might need and the mobile number of Dr. Kumral. Yes you read correctly! You’ll be encouraged to call him if necessary. Dr. Kumral had lived and worked in the UK so you will comfortably communicate throughout the whole process.   

 No optometrists to control your eyes, Dr. Kumral himself will conduct the post operative examination the day after your surgery.   

How much will Laser Eye Surgery Cost me?


You will pay much less than Europe or USA not only because of currency values but also medicine is simply not as expensive in Turkey. Call or email us so we can ask you simple questions and give you an idea. Once we assess your eyes during complimentary consultation we’ll give you an exact cost. Our promise to you is no hidden fees. Usually clinics advertise prices as “starting from” and these are rarely the prices you end up paying. 

Are you a Good Candidate?

YES; If your prescription hasn't changed for at least one year and your eyes and overall health are good. 

FDA in USA has approved LASIK for anyone over 18. There is no age too old to get LASIK, though conditions occurring later in life, such as cataracts, can impact eligibility.

If you've had cataract surgery and you  can't see near and need reading glasses excimer laser surgery would be a good solution for you. 

NO; If you are pregnant or have systemic diseases such as diabetes, HIV, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis.  

We are here to assess and discuss best options with you.