First ever excimer laser for vision correction was performed by Dr. Trokel in USA in 1987.

Very soon after that Dr. Kumral Pioneered in bringing the excimer laser vision correction to Turkey.

In the above photo, Dr. Kumral is performing laser surgery with his first excimer laser device in 1992.

Dr. Oktay Kumral has 25 Years of Excimer Laser Experience

As an early adopter of technology, Eye Surgeon Oktay Kumral, MD has brought the first Excimer Laser Device to Istanbul, Turkey in 1992. Since then he has performed thousands of vision correction surgeries with amazing success. Dr. Kumral recently founded “The Lasic Eye Clinic Bodrum” in Bodrum, Turkey.  

Over the years he has performed PRK, LASIK, LASEK, NO TOUCH-WAVEFRONT etc...

He has corrected the visions of many of his family members including his wife,two daughters, and son in-laws.

In the above photo, he is with his grandkids right after their annual eye exams. Lucky Kids!


Dr. Kumral's goal is to help his patients get rid of  glasses and contacts so they can live their life more freely! 

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